Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Country Club Court Sponsorship Signs

The Country Club is taking donations now!  Once they have $6,000 in Sponsorship signs, they will give the go-ahead to resurface the courts.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Meeting notes & Partners for Fall 2017

Fall 2017
Monique & Jenee
Joni & Kaly
Tina P & Lori C
Kristine R & Heather G
Julie L & Sophia
Melanie & Brandi

Peggy & Cathy
Krista & Lauren Hu.
Earlie & Andrea W
Kris R & Andrea H
Marlene T & Katherine
Daphne & Beth
Kacie & Robyn
Gayle & Heloise
Jamie & Lauren He
Cindy &

Erin G & Karen
Ginny & Yvonne
Julie B & Kim F
Joelyn & Mindy
Mary & Polly
Jan & Allie
Sarah & Brenda
Janine & Aimee
Pat & Kim L

** Fall is not a flex league **
** Rule Change:  Winners determined by (1) Matches Won (2) Least Amt of sets lost then (3) least amount of sets lost.**

Dwayne Guidry from Jennings Country Club talked to us tonight.  He wanted to assure us that he would like to resurface the courts and have us out at the club.
-$500 for a 3 year metal sign sponsorship
-Memberships - $25/mo tennis membership for family
                           $35 / mo social membership includes tennis,swimming pool, charging benefits
                           $125/mo full membership includes all social membership plus golf
                           $300/year for swim membership only (may increase)
-Please join Jennings Golf Club Facebook Page
-email Dwayne with questions :
-JLTL may host a tournament to help the club with some of the costs of the resurfacing so stay tuned!

Summer Winners 2017

1st- Mallory C & Jenee L
2nd- Tina P & Brandi T
3rd - Maureen F & Tricia L

1st- Ellen M & Cindy C
2nd - Kacie C & Beth D
3rd - Robin D & Meaghan L

1st- Ginny S & Sylvia F
2nd - Polly S & Debbie M
3rd - Kimberly J & Yvonne E

Winter winners 2017

1st-Lauren H & Julie L
2nd- Minnette M & Kelly W
3rd- Janee L & Tricia L

1st- Erin G & Jamie K
2nd - Beth D & Kathy S
3rd- Heloise C & Kris R

3.5 combo
1st- Kimberly J & Jan C
2nd - Karen S & Kim F
3rd -  Renee B & Ginny S

Monday, May 22, 2017

Summer Partners 2017

We are starting our 10th year as a tennis league!!!

Heather G-Kaly G
Joni T- Monique D
Julie L - Lori C
Tina P - Brandi T
Mallory C - Jenee L
Sophia L - Sonya V
Tricia L - Maureen F

3.0-Team A
Jennifer Y - Melody T
Andrea H - Madison T
Krista K - Earlie C
Robyn D - Meghan L
Cindy C - Ellen M
Lonnie F - Daphne S
Pauline B - Marlene T

3.0 -Team B
Andrea W - Jessica B
Staci T - Elise G
Leslie B - Jamie K
Peggy B - Katherine B
Kacie C - Beth D
Laura H - Kris R
Elisha D - Tookie H

3.5 Combo- Team A
Brenda O- Erin G
Brittney - Renee J
Kimberly J - Yvonne E
Polly S - Debbie M
Janine H - Karen S
Kay B - Gayle G
Sarah H - Joelyn D

3.5 Combo - Team B
Allie B - Pat M
Kim F - Julie B
Margaret Y - Michelle L
Carol B - Mindy H
Aimee B - Renee B
Kim L - Jan C
Sylvia F - Ginny S

Drawing Tonight

The crawfish boil has been cancelled due to weather conditions.  We appreciate Joni's willingness to host our party, and hopefully we can do that another time!  The committee will be drawing Summer partners at La Rumba tonight at 5:30.  No prizes will be given tonight.  We will plan something in the near future!  You are invited to come but it is not mandatory.  We will post the partner list asap.