Monday, May 22, 2017

Summer Partners 2017

We are starting our 10th year as a tennis league!!!

Heather G-Kaly G
Joni T- Monique D
Julie L - Lori C
Tina P - Brandi T
Mallory C - Jenee L
Sophia L - Sonya V
Tricia L - Maureen F

3.0-Team A
Jennifer Y - Melody T
Andrea H - Madison T
Krista K - Earlie C
Robyn D - Meghan L
Cindy C - Ellen M
Lonnie F - Daphne S
Pauline B - Marlene T

3.0 -Team B
Andrea W - Jessica B
Staci T - Elise G
Leslie B - Jamie K
Peggy B - Katherine B
Kacie C - Beth D
Laura H - Kris R
Elisha D - Tookie H

3.5 Combo- Team A
Brenda O- Erin G
Brittney - Renee J
Kimberly J - Yvonne E
Polly S - Debbie M
Janine H - Karen S
Kay B - Gayle G
Sarah H - Joelyn D

3.5 Combo - Team B
Allie B - Pat M
Kim F - Julie B
Margaret Y - Michelle L
Carol B - Mindy H
Aimee B - Renee B
Kim L - Jan C
Sylvia F - Ginny S

Drawing Tonight

The crawfish boil has been cancelled due to weather conditions.  We appreciate Joni's willingness to host our party, and hopefully we can do that another time!  The committee will be drawing Summer partners at La Rumba tonight at 5:30.  No prizes will be given tonight.  We will plan something in the near future!  You are invited to come but it is not mandatory.  We will post the partner list asap.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Winter 2107 Partners

Kelli W/ Minette M
 Kaly G/ Liz K
Lauren H/  Julie L
Sonya V/ Brandi T
Sophia L/ Monique D
Jenee L / Tricia L
Heather G  / Libby F

Marlene T/ Krista K
Erin G/ Jamie K
Daphne S / Leslie B
Tina P / Andrea H
Pauline B/ Earlie C
Cathy S/ Beth D
Robin D / Lauren H
Cindy C/ Peggy B
Andrea W / Katherine B
Heloise /
sub:  Lonnie F

Marietta C / Celine M
Mindy H / Joelyn D
Kim J / Jan C
Janine H / Polly S
Sherry L / Tasha W
Pat M / Gayle G
Renee B / Ginny S
Mary H / Julie B
Karen S / Kim F
Sub:  Brittney V & Aimee B

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tennis Clinic Oct 8