Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 23 Clinic

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Center Court: Krista Koonce

Background Info
I am 29 years old, originally from Sulphur, LA. I moved to Jennings about 4 years ago for my work. I am a Physical Therapist and I work for the Therapy Center. I come from a very athletic family. My mom and dad played multiple sports in high school. I have an older sister and younger brother. I started with the Jennings Ladies Tennis League thanks to Elisha Duhon. 

When did you start playing tennis?  Why? 
I started playing tennis when I was about 12-13 years old. I played during the summer months to stay active outside of school sports.
Bag Check:  What’s in your tennis bag?
 I dont have much in my bag at this time, just my tennis racquet, some tennis balls, a towel, and my water bottle. 

Who is your favorite professional tennis player?  Why?My favorite player is Novak Djokovic. He is such a great player and a very hard worker. He is a blast to watch because of his enthusiasm and dedication to the sport. 

What are your tennis goals?
 My goals playing tennis are just to play my best and have a great time doing it. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Center Court: Kimberly Juneau

Background Info
Born and raised in Louisiana.  I've been married for 25 years to Jacques.  We lived
in Canada for 15 years and our 3 beautiful daughters have dual citizenship, Renee--21,
Dominique--19, and Gabrielle--16.  I was a detective with the Jeff Davis Sheriff's office
and just retired on December 12, 2015 --now I play a lot of tennis!

What is your favorite tennis memory?  
My favorite tennis memories are costume tennis with Brenda Donald, Polly
Strickland, and Ginny Sonnier. (See Facebook photos) I also enjoy the Jennings
Ladies Tennis League and the many, many friends that I have met and who have
enriched my life. Another lady that is really special to me is Carol Benoit. She
has organized so many tournaments, mixed doubles teams, ladies teams, etc and
has included me in all the fun. I enjoy matching costumes/uniforms with all my
many partners and teammates. No matter if you win or lose (actually it does matter --
I like to win), you must always look good. LOL! There are so many other
wonderful ladies in many of my tennis stories. The list is too long--but you know
who you are and I am truly blessed to have you in my life and call friends!
(Sista friends!)

What is the saying/motto that you live by?

Only the rain can stop us!!!

Play like your life depends on it-----but have fun.

Put on your big girl panties---no regrets!   

Keep it in play and let them f*** up

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Center Court: Crystal Benoit

Background Info
My name is Crystal Benoit, I live in Jennings, LA I am married to James Benoit and have two daughters. I work at the Jennings United Methodist Church. I am the youth director at our church where I have been doing work in youth ministry for 11 years.
When did you start playing tennis?  Why?
The first time I picked up a tennis racquet was when my oldest daughter Jade started playing tennis in high school. I started just hitting with her and never stopped! When tennis league started up Kimberly Juneau called me and told me that she signed me up! I remember being so nervous but it has been such a wonderful experience that I have been blessed with. So glad to have someone like Kimberly to encourage me along!
What is your favorite tennis memory?
My favorite tennis memory is not for myself it was watching my 2 girls go to high school state tennis tournament as double partners.
Who is your favorite professional tennis player?  Why?
I guess my favorite tennis player would have to be Serena Williams because she is so passionate about the game.
What are your tennis goals?
My tennis goals is to keep playing and keep improving my game one season at a time.

What is the saying/motto that you live by?
My motto is God always places certain people in our lives and I believe that this league is not just about tennis but about forming relationships that will last a lifetime!